Advisor Toolkit

Starting the Conversation 

By suggesting charitable giving as part of a financial or estate plan, you’re providing an important service to the community — and to your client. You might find that your clients are just waiting for you to suggest ways they can give back to the community and create a legacy. By discussing charitable giving, you’ll be providing a value-added service that will be appreciated by your clients and the nonprofits that benefit from their gifts.

Three questions to ask your client:

  1. When do you want to give? Your client can choose to establish a fund now—or later, through deferred gifts, through a will or other planned giving.
  2. What do you want to give? CFHoCo accepts many different kinds of assets to start a fund. We have significant experience accepting real estate, retirement plan assets, closely held stock, cash, publicly traded stock and life insurance.
  3. What is the best way for you to give? We offer a full range of fund types that allow customized giving to support your client’s favorite nonprofits or causes. Talk with us about which one is right for your client.


Professional Advisor Resources

Administrative Fees*
Comparison Chart: Types of Charitable Funds
Comparison Chart:  Private Foundation to Donor Advised Fund
Benefits of A Donor Advised Fund
Gift Acceptance Policy
Donor-Advised Fund Policy*
Scholarship Fund Policy*
Drafting Resources
Establish a Fund Form
Investment Recommendation Form (pdf)
ROI on Investments
CFHoCo Investment Policy* (pdf)
Toolkit (pdf)
*Please provide these documents to your client(s) in conjunction with the Establish a Fund Form.