Howard County Community Relief Fund

Providing assistance to relieve human suffering and loss caused

by a natural or civil disaster or an emergency hardship within Howard County

Currently providing assistance to community members impacted

by the Elliott City flash flood on May 27, 2018

The Relief Fund was established by the Community Foundation of Howard County (“CFHoCo”) to help address needs in the aftermath of a natural or civil disaster or an emergency hardship within Howard County. The CFHoCo uses several factors to decide when to activate the fund including, but not limited to, the severity of the incident, impact on the community, the needs of residents and businesses, and the availability of resources.


Fund Goals

In partnership with nonprofits and government agencies providing direct services to individuals, businesses, 501(c)3 organizations, and based on the amount of donations received, the Fund will prioritize assistance as follows:

  • Immediate Relief Efforts — In the initial aftermath of a disaster or tragedy government agencies and nonprofit service organizations begin providing aid to relieve human suffering, including the provision of food, water, shelter, medical care, clothing, and other aid.  Initial grants will be made to organizations providing these emergency services.
  • Short-Term Recovery – Immediately following the disaster or tragedy critical recovery work begins. Service providers work tirelessly to ensure continued access to basic necessities such as food, safe drinking water, temporary or transitional shelter, clothing, and other services. Assistance centers centralize access to needed services related to finances, insurance, subsidy programs, unemployment and job placement, counseling services, pet care, and other services. Subsequent grants will be made to organizations providing these critical services.
  • Long-Term Rebuilding – Depending on the severity of the incident, it can take communities several years to rebuild physical infrastructure, restore the natural environment, and rehabilitate the lives of those who are impacted. The CFHoCo will make grants to organizations addressing chronic social, emotional, health, and environmental challenges in the impacted community.


Eligibility Criteria

The Foundation will work with community partners, such as local nonprofits, businesses, Howard County Government and other stakeholders to determine the eligibility criteria through each of the funding phases. We will communicate this criterion as quickly as possible.


Request Process

The CFHoCo is working with community partners to determine the process that will be used to distribute the donations received.   We will communicate that process as quickly as possible.



The Foundation staff is available to assist you throughout this process and welcomes your questions and comments. Please contact the Foundation’s Director of Programs and Operations, Tracy Locke‐Kitt, by phone, 410‐730‐7840 or via email,


Together We Accomplished

  • Provided over $80,000 to nonprofits providing assistance to community members impacted by the Ellicott City Flash Flood on July 31, 2016.