Charitable Giving Products

Choose from our customized services. Whatever your needs, you’ll rest easy knowing you have cost-effective choices, corporate giving expertise and a behind-the-scenes team to help you. CFHoCo is poised to offer everything you need to make your current dollars work smarter and harder, helping you reach your philanthropic goals.

    Create A Corporate Fund

    With a single gift, your business can easily launch or grow its giving program. Create a fund and experience the impact charitable giving will have on the issues you and your business care about. The fund you establish can serve one purpose or many; it can support a general cause or a specific organization. With a fund at CFHoCo, your business has access to many great services:

    • Planning: Define charitable goals and objectives that reflect your company’s values.
    • Research: Learn about community needs and innovative nonprofits.
    • Communications: Promote your community involvement internally with your stakeholders or externally with the general public.
    • Grant-making: Support causes locally and beyond.

    Community Fund: Create a legacy in your company’s name with a permanently endowed fund supporting the community at-large or a particular field-of-interest such as the environment, the arts or health and human services.

    Donor-Advised Fund: A great alternative to private corporate foundations, the Community Foundation of Howard County can help you respond to the numerous solicitations you receive each year, or we can manage an application process for you. This is a flexible vehicle for meeting a range of charitable interests.

    Scholarship Fund: Provide educational opportunities with a scholarship fund for employees, their children or students out in the community.

    Customized Grant-Making

    The CFHoCo team specializes in providing customized grant service administration to assist your company in managing all of its charitable activities. The best-of-class, behind-the-scenes services are designed to allow your company to remain focused on its core operations and increase the recognition your company deserves for its charitable giving activities and programs.

    Through a grant-making process customized for your company, CFHoCo will provide a wide range of services and ensure that your grant dollars are being used for their intended purpose with maximum impact in the community. Our services relieve your company of the administrative burden. Our behind-the-scenes team is available to:

    • Field phone calls and correspondence from grant seekers
    • Identify qualified and appropriate applicants
    • Receive and review all grant requests
    • Make site visits to examine program concept or agency capabilities
    • Maintain a database of all grant requests, grant awards and status
    • Determine if a gift will qualify as a charitable contribution
    • Assist grantees in developing and refining grant requests
    • Prepare written grant recommendations
    • Prepare and send award letters (including formal terms and conditions agreement, payment schedule and reporting procedures) and, if the company so chooses, notify those whose proposals are denied
    • Process and verify grant payments
    • Oversee grantee accountability
    • Process incoming gifts and pay grantees
    • Offer management of the competitive grant process

    Employee Matching Gift

    Whether the corporate match is $100 a year or $1,000, and whether the match extends to all employees or just the executive team, CFHoCo can administer a customized program for you. By affirming employees’ own commitments to the causes they care about, the company demonstrates its commitment to the employees. CFHoCo works directly with your team to streamline the process, saving you time and money.

    Executive Donor-Advised Fund

    A donor-advised fund is a personal charitable fund that can be opened with a gift of cash, stock, real estate, life insurance or almost any hard-to-value asset. An increasing number of companies are offering donor-advised funds to encourage executive level employees to support the causes they care about.

    • Offering your executives the opportunity to establish donor-advised funds and making it easy for them to do so is a strategy and service that helps your company attract and retain top senior management talent.
    • An executive can grant from the fund or add to the fund at any time. Grants can be made to any 501(c)(3) organization in the U.S., including churches, synagogues or schools.
    • As an even greater incentive for executives, some companies elect to pay the annual administrative fee on the fund for a certain period of time.



    Scholarship Administration

    CFHoCo can make administering a scholarship even easier. Let us take care of issuing award and denial letters to applicants and serving as the behind-the-scenes selection committee, making decisions based on your criteria.

    Click here to see our full list of scholarships.

    Community Partners

    In 1969, when Jim Rouse established the Columbia Foundation, he set in motion the framework for the Community Partners Giving Program. An early agreement with the Columbia Bank and Trust provided support to help pay for the Foundation’s annual operating expenses, enabling the young organization to get a strong foothold in the Howard County community. In the intervening years, the support of other corporate and individual partners have helped offset operating expenses and made it possible for most of the investment income from our endowment to be available for annual grants to local nonprofits. With our continued growth, the Foundation needs the support of Community Partners even more. Community Partners are asked to make a pledge of at least $25,000, $5,000 a year for five years. By becoming a Community Partner you can help ensure our continued success and keep critical grant funding available for local nonprofits. Our Community Partners are widely recognized for their dedication as proud supporters of CFHoCo and the Howard County community.

    To become a Community Partner, please email CFHoCo’s President & CEO, Beverly White-Seals, or call 410-730-7840.