Financials & Accountability

The Community Foundation of Howard County is accredited by the Community Foundations National Standards Board. National Standards accreditation is a commitment to transparency, excellence, stewardship and leadership and requires compliance with forty specific standards in the areas of donor services, investments, grant-making and administration. This accreditation is periodically audited and reviewed for compliance by the Community Foundations National Standards Board. You may read more about the National Standards at

In order to effectively serve the interests of our donors, local Howard County nonprofits and the community at large, CFHoCo is committed to transparency, accountability and convenience. Accordingly, our federal tax returns, audited financial statements, investment policy and other related documents are available here, or you may contact us to receive print copies.

For additional information regarding names of investment managers, administrative fees charged or individuals responsible for investment or oversight, please contact the Community Foundation of Howard County at (410) 730-7840 or

Governing Documents


Please note that historic information the Foundation’s financials are available via GuideStar.